What’s New Wednesday: Can Music Activities Teach Empathy?

This 2012 study indicates that making music in a group may promote empathy. Music of kindness: playing together strengthens empathy in children A year-long study on childrens’ music-making indicates that playing music in groups on a regular basis greatly improves a child’s ability to empathise with others. We believe music to be one of the […]

What’s New Wednesday: Music Improvisation Helps Develop Creative Thinking

This study from 2009 indicates that improvisational activities, such as those included In my books and articles, can help children develop creative thinking in music: An experimental study of the effects of improvisation on the development of children’s creative thinking in music Koutsoupidou, T., & Hargreaves, D. J. (2009). An experimental study of the effects of […]

What’s New Wednesday: Music Promotes Reading Readiness

  A study from the University at Buffalo indicates that music activities promote oral language, literacy, and reading readiness.  “Music is one way that children can learn rhythm and rhyme of text, be exposed to new vocabulary and learn to discriminate a variety of sounds,”  states on eof the researchers. – See more at: http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2013/01/021.html#sthash.SxAGzrtj.dpuf […]