A Tune for Tuesday: “Un Pulpito” by Charlotte Diamond


“Un Pulpito” by Charlotte Diamond
available on iTunes

“Un Pulpito” is Charlotte Diamond’s Spanish version
of her
 wonderful song “Slippery Fish.” I think it’s even
more fun
 than the English version!

In “Un Pulpito,” children use their hands to act the parts of
a sardine, an octopus (pulpito), a tuna fish, a shark, and a
whale. The Spanish words are simple and remarkably easy 
for young children to pick up. But what makes this song
a real gem is its hilarious surprise ending that makes
children explode with laughter, every single time!

Charlotte Diamond is one of the most talented people
in children’s music. This is my favorite song of hers, but
you’ll want to share many more with your students!


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