The Musical Toddler

MusicalToddlerToddlers and twos are uniquely musical creatures. With their truly jaw-dropping energy levels (research indicates humans are at their most active at age 2) and their whole-hearted embrace of novel experiences, very young children respond to music with a pure and exuberant enthusiasm.

I wrote “The Musical Toddler” to help parents and teachers  to understand the special musicality of these little ones and how best to nurture their inborn love of music.

From my twenty-plus years teaching music enrichment classes to toddlers (as well as older children), I’ve put together selections of the best songs, rhythm-instrument activities, musical games, and music-and-movement activities. I’ve even included my recommendations for lots of music from other cultures, like India, Ghana, Mexico, Venezuela, Kenya, and more, to introduce little ones to the exciting rhythms and instrumentation of world music.

Parents and teachers will find specific tips and how-to’s, as well as the activities themselves. It’s filled with ways to truly share music in a connected way to build relationships and create special moments together.

parents and toddler dancing

Toddlers and twos have added so much to my musical life. So many times, I’m surprised and delighted by their spontaneous dancing and singing as they experience the joy of music. I hope “The Musical Toddler” will bring that delight to toddlers, parents, teachers, and anyone who cares for and loves toddlers!


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