A Tune for Tuesday: Sarasponda


on “Too-da-la” CD by Kindermusik
available on iTunes

This old favorite is a very easy movement song which
I’ve used successfully with toddlers through kinder-

garteners. There are three verses with different
movements on the words “ret-set-set” – clapping,
patting thighs, and stamping feet. It includes a
“surprise ending” which is not difficult for even the
youngest children, but is  interesting enough to
intrigue the older ones.

“Sarasponda” also lends itself nicely to improvisation.
With threes, fours, and fives, after the group learns
the song, you can ask them for other ideas for
movements to do on “ret-set-set.” These might 
include jumping, kicking, tapping shoulders, or any 
short simple movement. The great thing is that
children learn this song so easily, they can start
improvising on it right away.


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