A Tune for Tuesday: “The Owl Song”


“The Owl Song”
from the Lynn Kleiner CD
“More Kids Make Music,

Babies Make Music Too”
available on iTunes

Yes, isn’t that a cute picture of a baby owl I found?
Lots of fall-themed stories seem to feature owls,
and I find this song is a nice tie-in.

It’s one of those songs, like “Little Peter Rabbit” 
and “My Hat, It Has Three Corners,” in which  one
word is left out each time the song is repeated, and
a motion takes its place. For instance, instead of
singing the word “nose,” children point to their

It’s a cute and fun song. I have two caveats, though:
it’s too hard for toddlers and twos, and some
kindergarten groups may find it too babyish, since
it has a very simple tune. For those threes and fours
in between, though, it’s engaging and encourages
careful listening.

The recording also features sounds like drumbeats
to emphasize the missing words, which may help
children to follow along.


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