A Tune for Tuesday: “Meow Hou Hou”


“Meow Hou Hou”
from the CD “Salsa for Kittens and Puppies”
by Baby Loves Salsa
available on iTunes

I still remember when I first heard this delightful
song – I was so excited! It’s not every day that I 
come across a song that not only is easy for young
children to sing (basically all they need to sing is 
“meow meow meow” and “bow wow wow”), but is
also really great music with a fantastic salsa beat
that everyone loves to dance to.

The written lyrics say “Meow hou hou” but I change it
to just “meow” because that’s the way my students
would usually imitate a cat. Sometimes with older
children (fours and fives) I ask them to line up on
different sides of the room depending on whether
they want to be a cat or a dog. Then the “cats” sing the
cat parts and the “dogs” sing the dog parts.

For toddlers and twos, I act out the song with cat and 
dog puppets. I find they’re usually not ready to pick
up on the auditory cues in the song for when to say 
“meow meow meow” and “bow wow wow,” but they
LOVE to listen to the song and watch the puppets
dance. (Who doesn’t love a dancing puppet?)

The whole album, “Salsa for Kittens and Puppies,”
is outstanding – original, great musicianship, and
gotta-dance rhythms. I highly recommend it!


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