by Nicola Smee

Last week I shared one of my favorite “non-
denominational” holiday picture books, “Polar Bear 
Night.” This one is quite different in tone, but
equally lovable.

The animals in “Jingle-Jingle” (the same crew
featured in her earlier story, “Clip-Clop”) are
wearing Santa hats, but there’s no mention of
Christmas or any other holiday. This story just
celebrates the fun and merriment of the season.

Mr. Horse gives the other animals a ride in his
sleigh, and then wants to join them in the sleigh.
Uh-oh! Will the sleigh, sliding down a big hill,
crash into a festive snowman? Of course it
will – and of course it’s part of the fun, for the 
animals in “Jingle-Jingle” as it is for children
everywhere. The animals jump up to go for
another exciting sleigh ride.

For younger children, I just have them join in on
the sounds that each animal would make. Older 
children can clap or jingle bells to the rhythmic
refrain, “Jingle-Jingle! Crunch Crunch! Jingle-Jingle!
Crunch! Crunch!”

As with “Clip-Clop,” the adorable, child-like, bright 
illustrations are a big part of the fun of the story.
“Jingle-Jingle” is a cheerful, happy holiday story.



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