Looking for Great Spanish Songs?

grupo encanto
inco de Mayo is coming up and I hope you’re
all planning on celebrating! Of course, it’s
great to share Spanish songs all year round,
but you may be searching for easy, age-
appropriate Spanish songs for your preschool
class to celebrate the holiday.

One of my favorite sources for early-childhood
Spanish music is the Spanish band called 
Grupo Encanto. Some of their songs are a bit
complicated and wordy for young non-Spanish
speakers, but a surprising number of songs are
very accessible. You can see the video of one
of my favorites, “Con Mi Dedito,” here. In this
song, fingers, feet, and heads take turns at 
saying “si si” and “no no” and then hiding. Very
simple – even toddlers will easily learn the
motions and enjoy the song.

My other favorite is “Para Dormir Un Elefante,”
about trying to get an elephant to go to sleep!
Older children, 4’s and 5’s, realy like this one.

I hope you’ll have fun with Grupo Encanto’s
excellent music for children, and have a Cinco 
de Mayo fantastico!


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