A Fun Song for Memorial Day!


“Finger Band”
Peter & Ellen Allard
“Sing It! Say It! Stamp It! Sway It! Vol.1” CD

If you’re looking for a musical way to celebrate the
upcoming holiday, “Finger Band” is a fun one. Even
toddlers can perform the motions to this short
song, but older preschoolers will also enjoy it. Most of
them are familiar with going to parades on Memorial
Day, and this song is a way to have a parade in your
room with no one crashing into each other!

It’s actually a chant rather than a song, a rhythmic chant 
with a percussion accompaniment. First children
hide their pointer fingers behind their back, then 
bring them out and march them, alternating left and
right, with the first stanza: “The finger band is coming
to town, coming to town, coming to town…”

Then the children show the band members wearing
their hats, playing their drums, going away, and finally
whispering “The finger band has gone away, gone
away, gone away…” when the fingers are hidden behind
their backs again.

This song isn’t available on iTunes, but the whole CD can
be downloaded here. It’s excellent and I highly recommend


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