A Very Musical Story for Summer!


“Bear Flies High” by Michael Rosen

There are two reasons I love “Bear Flies High”: first
of all, it’s a gorgeous vision of summertime, with
beach, ocean, seagulls, carnival rides, sunshine.
and fun with friends. Secondly, as a music teacher,
I love the lilting, rhythmic writing (which was also a
feature of Rosen’s earlier book, “Bear’s Day Out”).
The singsongy rhythm of the story, I’m convinced,
is one reason it consistently holds the attention of
young children, from two-year-olds through kindergar-

I like to make up a tune for the mini-poems that 
appear on each two-page spread, such as “Doo-
bee-doo, doo-bee-doo, doo-bee-doobily-doo.”
But it would work just as well as a chant. Whether
you choose to chant or sing, though, be sure to 
invite your students to join in. They enjoy it and it
keeps them involved in the story. 

The illustrations are also charming – artistic and
colorful, but not too fussy or complicated -so children
won’t need to ask what’s going on. 

After you read “Bear Flies High,” you’ll find that
your students are eager to talk about their own
adventures at the beach or at carnivals. So not
only is the story a terrific, fun experience of 
language and rhythm in itself, it also leads to
fun conversations!

“Bear Flies High” is available here.


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