A Fun Song For When It’s Seriously Too Hot!


from Super Simple Songs 2
available on iTunes

I love action songs with lots of fun movements for
preschoolers to enjoy. They always have a great
time jumping, kicking, marching and just dancing
around – with one exception: when they’ve just
come in from outside and it’s seriously too hot! 
Then I face a roomful of sweaty, slumping children
who might like to sing a song, but are definitely
NOT in the mood for anything too strenuous!!

A while ago I discovered a song from Super Simple
Songs called “Uh-huh.” If you’re familiar with their 
material, you know that much of it seems to be
most appropriate for very young preschoolers –
toddlers, twos and threes. 

“Uh-huh” is just as simple (super simple, in fact) as
most of their music, and it’s short (about a minute
long) but it’s very funny – not only for the little ones,
but for fours and fives too. The “action,” such as it
is, consists of nodding to “uh-huh” and shaking the
head on “uh-uh,” and also doing the same thing
with “yes” and “no.” Where the funny part comes
in is that it goes pretty fast and everyone looks silly
saying “Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-uh!” 

Just a silly little song, but it’s always a hit and great
to sneak in between other activities that might be
more physically demanding. Really, listen to it – it’s
hard to resist. The song is available on iTunes.


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