“I’m the Best!”


“I’m the Best!”
by Lucy Cousins

“I’m the Best” is a wonderful story for music time or any
time – young children LOVE it!

No one can be the best at everything! Not even Dog. His
confidence is great, but it goes a little too far. Because he
can swim better than Donkey, dig better than Goose, run
faster than Mole, and is much bigger than Ladybug, Dog’s 
boasting gets out of hand and he tells his friends that he
is, indeed, the best at everything!

But… guess what? Mole can dig better than Dog. And Goose
can swim faster, and so on. Uh oh! Dog is sad, but just for a moment – 
his friends reassure him that he’s the best at being their best
friend, and having beautiful fluffy ears! (On the last page, Dog
reasons that beautiful fluffy ears are the most important thing

Even better than the sweet, relatable plot are Lucy Cousins’
exuberantly colorful and childlike illustrations – big and
bright and fun.

To “music it up,” I have the children do the motions indicated
in the text (swimming, digging, etc. while I sing “swim, swim,
swim” or whatever to a made-up tune. The singing and the
active movement involve the children in the action of the story,
keeping them focused and also helping them remember the
story later.

If you haven’t discovered the amazing Lucy Cousins yet,
“I’m the Best!” is a perfect introduction – for you and your


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