Super Simple Learning


At NAEYC (I can’t believe it was almost a month ago!) I met
Sara, the community manager for Super Simple Learning. I
was so excited! I’ve used songs from Super Simple Learning
for years,  especially with children age three and younger,
though not always.

I first discovered them while browsing through YouTube,
where I came upon their channel. Each song is accompanied
by an animated video.

The great thing about Super Simple Learning songs is that
they truly ARE super simple. Those of you who teach toddlers will
know what I mean. Even songs that sound quite easy to us
will sometimes have a twist of melody, or an uneven pattern,
that provokes Blank Face in very young children. Not these
songs. Children easily and happily follow along with the words
and appropriate actions – because when they understand
something, they’re engaged and energized.

My favorite SSL songs are “Little Snowflake” (pictured above),
“One Little Finger,” and “Uh Huh” – I’m sure when you take a
listen to their channel you’ll find your own favorites.

And toddlers, twos, and threes aren’t the only appropriate
groups for these songs – they’re fun confidence-builders
for older groups at the beginning of the school year, or
dual language learners. Super Simple Learning is simply
an excellent resource for early childhood professionals.


One thought on “Super Simple Learning

  1. Hi Abby,
    Thank you for your kind words and lovely review! It was so fun to meet you in person at the NAEYC Conference, and chat about kids’ music. Hopefully, our paths will cross again.
    Wishing you the best,
    Super Simple Learning

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