Learning About Bats With a Song Kids LOVE!

Learning About Bats With a Song Kids LOVE!

Bats are so cute!! Yes, you read that right. C’mon, how cute is this little guy?


Bats are also the most populous mammals on Earth, next to rats (which aren’t cute). (Sorry, rat lovers!) So it’s good for children to learn about these furry flyers.

This week, I read a story which featured a bat (the new “Five Little Ducks” by the wonderful Denise Fleming):


Then I followed up with the movement song “Bats” by Bari Koral (you can upload the video here.) Every single class I taught this week (ten classes in all, toddlers through Pre-K) LOVED this song. They got to act out the way bats sleep upside down during the day and fly around at night. (I never knew bats giggled so much!) Pretending to sleep, waking up and flying around, slow parts followed by fast and exciting parts – what’s not to like?

Even if you don’t think bats are adorable (which they are), they’re important members of the mammal family and fascinating for young children to learn about!



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