Bari Koral – Songs for Young Children


A year or two ago I discovered the music of Bari Koral. I’m always so excited when I hear children’s music that I know my students will love! I couldn’t wait to bring Koral’s music to my music classes, and my students loved her songs right away.

I’ve mentioned at least one of Koral’s songs here before – the wonderful “Bats.”
Probably because I just love bats! I like how that song has children “fly” like baby bumblebee bats, the world’s smallest bat, and flying foxes, the world’s largest bat – so there’s learning to lead to more curiosity about these fascinating creatures.

“Bats,” like many of Koral’s songs, can be sung while using yoga positions to illustrate some of the lyrics. However, with very young children (3’s and 4’s) I’ve used her songs without the yoga and they’re just as fun.

Another of Karol’s songs I really love is “Back to the Farm.” My students have a lot of fun switching from sleeping like ponies to hopping like bunnies or mooing like cows, then going back to sleep!

Take a while to listen to Karol’s songs at her YouTube channel. I’m sure you and your students will enjoy her original and very fun songs!


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