The Baby Bumblebee Game

It’s bee season again, and though they may ruin some picnics and other outings, our buzzy friends can be lots of fun in songs and in games like this one. For my Baby Bumblebee Game, you’ll need a  bumblebee puppet or stuffed animal (isn’t the one in the picture adorable? It’s available here).  First, sing […]

Is It Ever Too Early to Start Learning Music? E-I-E-I- NO!

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of TEMPO, the magazine of the New Jersey Music Educators Association. Is It Ever Too Early to Start Learning Music? E-I-E-I- NO! When I first started leading music classes for toddlers, it was relatively rare. Usually it came about when a school where I was teaching […]

A Thought for Thursday: Tips for Teaching Toddlers

 I LOVE teaching toddlers music! And I’ve been teaching them for about twenty years. I’ve even written a book, “The Musical Toddler,” with loads of great ideas for music activities with toddlers. Today I’d like to share a few tips for making sure every toddler in your group has positive, successful music experiences. 1. Slow it down. Yes, most […]

A Tune for Tuesday: Put Your Hands Up In The Air

“Put Your Hands Up In The Air” by Hap Palmer available on iTunes   So many children’s recordings, especially those meant for movement, are overly complicated, or just plain go too fast for young children. Instead of a fun experience, the children just feel confused or frustrated. That’s why “Put Your Hands in the Air” is one of my favorites, particularly […]

A Thought for Thursday: “Shake Up Your Curriculum With Rhythm Instruments”

This article of mine originally appeared in Early Childhood News: ”Shake Up” Your Music Curriculum With Rhythm Instruments! By Abigail Connors  As an early childhood professional, you’re well aware of the seemingly insatiable need of children to express themselves by making noise – a lot of noise! Rhythm instruments provide a uniquely effective way to […]