Reinventing the Wheels on the Bus

(This article appears in the October issue of TEMPO, the magazine of the NJ Music Educators Association.) Reinventing the Wheels on the Bus: Music Improvisation with Young Children Several years ago, I was presenting a workshop on rhythm instrument activities to a group of elementary music teachers. It was going well, the participants seemed interested […]

“The Fox in the Dark”

“The Fox in the Dark” by Alison Green This story was made for early childhood music class! There are so many sounds to explore here that children will be focused and engaged throughout the story – and they’ll love the surprise ending! Rabbit is running home at night, away from a shadowy figure – the […]

A Tune for Tuesday: “Cumbamba”

“Cumbamba” by Jose Conde on “Jazz Playground” CD by Putumayo I first discovered the music of Jose Conde on the unbelievably fabulous CD with the absolutely fabulous name of “Salsa for Kittens and Puppies.” (I’m sure I’ll be writing more about that later!) Conde is a Cuban-American composer and musician and this piece is just […]