Is Language Just a Kind of Music? Yes, to Young Children

Some researchers believe that children first learn language as a kind of music. They listen and study the rhythm and pitch of language long before they understand the meanings of words. These researchers conclude that music and language learning develop in similar ways. Music activities have been shown to increase children’s oral and auditory language skills. Music underlies language acquisition, […]

What’s New Wednesday: More Music = More Benefits for Children

This study was done with older children, but I feel it applies to young children as well. In fact, I believe music is even more important for the younger learners! Extended music education increases quality of school life Recent research reveals measurable benefits of having a few extra hours of music education every week. Recent research, published […]

What’s New Wednesday: Moving Together to Music Helps Young Children Be More Altruistic

Helpful bouncing babies show that moving together builds bonds from the time we learn to walk Date: June 24, 2014  Source: McMaster University Whether they march in unison, row in the same boat or dance to the same song, people who move in time with one another are more likely to bond and work together afterward. […]

What’s New Wednesday: Can Music Improve Young Children’s Behavior?

I would tend to think that anything that makes children  fell happier and better about themselves and life in general, like music, would naturally improve their behavior. Aren’t we all nicer when we’re happy? Well, this study gives scientific backing to this idea –  and indicates that music helps young children with problem-solving skills, too! […]