Fun Fun Friday: Vacation Edition!

vacation children

Every Friday this blog will be devoted to the wonderfully fun things young children say and do. Today: Special Vacation Edition!  

Me: Where’s Marco today? Child: He’s on vacation. Other Child: No, he’s not! He’s getting married! Third Child: No, he’s not! His uncle’s getting married! First Child: Well, he’s still on vacation!    

After class one day two boys picked up all my bags of instruments, puppets, etc. and started lugging them around the room. “Thank you, boys,” I said, “but those are really too heavy for you.” “It’s okay, we’re going on vacation!” they said.  

One delightful girl went to China with her parents for a couple of months. On the day she returned (after a hug), I said, “So, how was China?” Glowing with excitement, she said, “Miss Abby, did you know that in China everything is super duper GREAT?”


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