Wacky Wednesday: About Squirrels, Birds, and Turtles

I decided to do a version of “Fun Fun Friday” today because my students were so interesting and entertaining today, I just couldn’t wait. So: Wacky Wednesday! First, a boy raised his hand to say, “Did you know that squirrels sound just like birds?” (Just FYI, nothing we’d been doing today had anything to do […]

Fun Fun Friday: George Washington Edition

          I didn’t have any Fourth of July stories  so I’m going with George Washington – hey, he’s patriotic, right? On Presidents’ Day I like to ask my older students  (the fours and fives) if they know who George Washington was. The answers are always entertaining. Me: Does anyone know who […]

Fun Fun Friday: Leopard Edition

Once I read a story about a leopard. To introduce the book, I told the children about leopards and emphasized their lovely spots. I must have said the words “leopards” and “spots” twenty times. When I started the  first page, which showed the leopard, and said “Once there was a leopard,” a little boy called […]