Once Upon a Monday: Peepsqueak Wants a Friend


Peepsqueak Wants a Friend by Leslie Ann Clark

I just discovered this story recently and my students love

it! All of the other chicks in the farmyard are in 2’s (they

each have a friend) but Peepsqueak is only 1. He goes off

to look for a friend, telling each pair of friends (I sing this

to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”) “You are 2

but I am 1, my search for a friend has just begun!” There’s

also lots of hops and jumps and skips and skitters that

add rhythm and movement to the story. Peepsqueak finds a

rather unconventional friend, and best of all, realizes that

friends don’t have to come in 2’s – they can include everybody!


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