Words of Wisdom from Buttercup the Hedgehog

“We do a lot of improv here.”            – Buttercup the Hedgehog                             in “Toy Story 3” This is my favorite scene in the wonderful movie “Toy Story 3.” Woody the cowboy has just arrived at the home of […]


“His Jumpers Three”

Young children express a remarkable amount of creative thinking through physical improvisation. They explore their bodies’ possibilities for power, speed, range of motion, directionality, and emotional expressiveness on a daily basis to an extent that would exhaust a professional athlete or dancer. Games and activities that incorporate opportunities for movement improvisation are a very natural […]

The Creative Magic of Naming

This article appears in the current issue of Creativity Portal (creativity-portal.com). If you’re not familiar with Creativity Portal, check it out- it has wonderful ideas and articles for artists, writers, teachers, and other creative people! The Creative Magic of Naming How to use the Naming Game to empower children and foster creativity. By Abby Connors […]

Wacky Wednesday: About Squirrels, Birds, and Turtles

I decided to do a version of “Fun Fun Friday” today because my students were so interesting and entertaining today, I just couldn’t wait. So: Wacky Wednesday! First, a boy raised his hand to say, “Did you know that squirrels sound just like birds?” (Just FYI, nothing we’d been doing today had anything to do […]

A Thought for Thursday: A Little Less Teaching, A Little More Learning

Teaching and learning – we think they go hand in hand, but sometimes, oddly enough, they’re at odds with each other. Especially when it comes to early childhood. We know that young children learn through play, not through worksheets; with their whole bodies, not just their eyes and ears; and through concrete experiences, not discussions […]

A Tune for Tuesday: Two Little Blackbirds

Two Little Blackbirds – Music Together available on Amazon  Of course, there are many versions of this traditional fingerplay song. This one is my favorite, for many reasons. It flows at a leisurely pace, so even very young children can follow alongeasily. An adult voice alternates with a young girl’s voice, which adds texture and interest. There’s a […]