Once Upon a Monday: We’re Going on a Picnic!

We’re Going on a Picnic!

by Pat Hutchins


In this very cute, silly story, Chicken, Duck, and Goose are going on a picnic, but they can’t agree on a perfect spot for it. As they walk along searching forthat elusive “just right” location, they sing “We’re going on a picnic, we’re going on a picnic” (I use the tune of “Ring Around the Rosy”). But they don’t notice that while they’re walking, a mouse, a squirrel, and a rabbit are sneaking into the picnic basket and stealing their food! When the picnickers realize their food is gone, they cheerfully pick more fruit and start over. 

The sung refrain gives children a way to join in the telling of the story, and it keeps them listening and focused. And they love the feeling of being smarter than the picnickers, as they notice the little animals taking the food!


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