Once Upon a Monday: Oh Crumps!/Ay Carumba! by Lee Bock


Whether you’re reading to Spanish-speaking
children, want t
o teach a bit of Spanish to English
speakers, or just want to have fun, “Oh Crumps!/
Ay Carumba!” is a wonderfully funny 
book. Sleepy
Farmer Fernando keeps waking up to animal
sounds – and every time he tends to one group of
another group wakes up and needs help.
This story has tons 
of repetition – whenever the
farmer wakes up, for example, he 
says “Oh Crumps!”
(or “Ay Carumba!”), gets out of bed, puts 
his feet
into his old work boots, and tramps down the stairs
each of which I act out with the children. 

The repetition keeps children listening, waiting for
their part to perform, and they love the silly Farmer
Fernando, who keeps getting more mixed up as the
night goes on until finally (youguessed it) it’s time
to wake up and start the day! 

I usually read the story mostly in English and throw
in just a few Spanish words and phrases for the
English-speaking children to familiarize themselves
with. Besides, isn’t it more fun to say “Ay,
Carumba!” than “Oh, Crumps!”?


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