Fun Fun Friday: Wolf Edition


I like to read picture books with wolves in them because I think wolves get a bad rap in general. Most young children are very afraid of wolves. Not that I think children should go out and pet a wild wolf, but I like them to learn that among themselves, wolves are loving, family-oriented creatures. They’re also so beautiful! It’s an uphill battle, though. There’s just this image of wolves as big and bad. (Looking at YOU, Three Little Pigs!)

Here are some funny things my students have said about wolves:

(As a chick in a picture book walks into the woods) Child: Watch out,

chick! Don’t get eaten by a wolf!

(After reading a story about wolves) Child: Once I saw a wolf!                                    

Me: Really?                                                                                                                                          

Child: Yes! But it turned out to be a bug. So I stepped on it.



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