Once Upon a Monday: “Pattern Fish”

“Pattern Fish”

by Trudy Harris


As you may have guessed, this story is all about
patterns. Each fish, or other sea creature, has a

distinct visual pattern or two or three colors. And 
each also has a sound pattern. This is repeated
a few times, leaving the last sound of the pattern
for the next page, so children can figure out what
the sound will be.

I’ve always admired children’s writers who can make
math entertaining. One pattern after another could be
pretty dry stuff, but the illustrations are cute, and best
of all, the sounds are very rhythmic and enjoyable
for young children to chant, especially in a group. And
the ending has a fun surprise!

There are patterns of shapes and sizes, too. If you’re
teaching patterns, or even if you aren’t, you’ll find 
your students learn and have fun with this excellent


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