A Tune for Tuesday: “Listen to the Water”

“Listen to the Water”

by Bob Schneider
performed by Peter and Ellen Allard
from “Sing It! Say It! Swing It! Sway It! Vol. 2”
available on iTunes

Perfect for summer, this happy and interactive song
describes many creatures one might see by the 
water. There’s a fish swimming, a frog jumping,
a snake slithering, a turtle “taking his time” (I “walk”
slowly with my palms on the floor) and a beaver
slapping his tail (I use my hand to act this out too,
slapping the floor beside me.)

You may clap to the chorus, or hold your hand to your
ear to “listen to the water,” then roll your hands for
the words “rolling down the river.”

There are several versions of this wonderful song,
and this is my favorite. The pace, the informal way
the performers talk between verses, and the simple
instrumentation make it very accessible for young


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