A Tune for Tuesday: “Buzzing in the Garden”


“Buzzing in the Garden”
by Peter and Ellen Allard

from “Pizza Pizzazz” CD
available on ellenallard.com

To go with “Where There’s a Bear, There’s
Trouble,” which I shared with you yesterday,
and which features a bumblebee, I like to
use this song in my classes.

It starts with one little bumblebee buzzing
in the garden – then there are two, three, four,
and five. It’s a charming, sweet tune and it
goes at a nice not-too-fast pace, which I like.

You may choose to have five children act out
the bumblebees’ roles, or you can use
puppets (I use stick puppets with clip art I 
found online) to illustrate the song. Either way,
it’s a nice calming activity to do after something
more energetic. And children love to buzz!



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