Once Upon a Monday: “Hiccups for Elephant”


“Hiccups for Elephant”
by James Preller

Have you ever wondered what would happen if
an elephant got the hiccups? Well, thanks to James
Preller, we now know that some very silly things
could happen!

All of Elephant’s friends offer their own home
remedies for curing hiccups, such as standing
on his head, drinking water fast, and holding
his breath to the count of ten, but none of them
work until little Mouse surprises everyone.

All young children relate to having hiccups,
and they enjoy making the hiccup sound when it
appears in the story. They also love to make the
jungle animals’ sounds. You can also make up a
tune for “I know a way to make the hiccups stop!”
as  each animal offers their suggestion.

This story is perfect for music time. It’s simple,
funny, relatable, and easy to turn into an
interactive musical experience. I definitely
recommend “Hiccups for Elephant.”


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