Once Upon a Monday: Looking for a Moose


“Looking for a Moose”
by Phyllis Root

This is one of my favorite stories for fall, especially
because of the use of fall colors in the illustrations.
It also has Phyllis Root’s great ear for rhythm and
rhymes that captivate young children.

There’s not really a lot of plot to “Looking for a
Moose.” A bunch of children have “never, ever, 
ever, ever, ever seen a moose,” so they decide
to look for one. The various locales in which they
search require changes of clothing (during which
I have children pat their body parts – feet for boots,
head for hats, and so on.) Each locale also
involves squishing, stomping or some other form
of movement. 

Best of all, each attempt ends with the refrain, 
“We look and we look, but it’s just no use. We don’t
see any long-leggy moose.” You can set this to a tune
or chant it – either way, children will love to join in.
Basically, everything about this story is designed
to engage and delight young children – and adults


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