Once Upon a Monday: “Are You a Horse?”


“Are You a Horse?’ by Andy Rash

“Are You a Horse?” is one of those stories where
the protagonist is clueless and the children 
listening to the story know what’s going on.
Children LOVE these stories,  because they
give them a chance to be the smart ones.

Roy gets a saddle for his birthday and he
can’t wait to use it, but there’s one problem – 
he doesn’t know what a horse is. So he asks
a snake, a crab, and other animals, “Are you a
horse?” Spoiler alert – they’re not, and they
tell him why not – for instance, the snake explains
that horses have legs, which he obviously doesn’t.

I make up a tune for the refrain, “Are you a horse?”
which is repeated throughout this silly story, for 
the children to sing along with. They also enjoy
making the animal sounds.

You and your students will love the surprise
ending too!


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