Once Upon a Monday: “The Gingerbread Cowboy”

“The Gingerbread Cowboy” by Janet Squires Cowboys and cowgirls, you are in for a great time with this hilarious version of “The Gingerbread Boy.” This one has boots, a ten-gallon hat, and a  rip-roarin’ attitude.  Instead of running from farm animals, this spunky little guy runs through the desert, away from a  roadrunner, a band […]

Once Upon a Monday: “Are You a Horse?”

“Are You a Horse?’ by Andy Rash “Are You a Horse?” is one of those stories where the protagonist is clueless and the children  listening to the story know what’s going on. Children LOVE these stories,  because they give them a chance to be the smart ones. Roy gets a saddle for his birthday and he […]