Once Upon a Monday: “Bumpety Bump” by Pat Hutchins


“Bumpety Bump” by Pat Hutchins

There are fun movements and sounds on almost
every page of this charming book. It’s great for
this time of year, when many young children are
visiting farms for pumpkin picking and hayrides.

The ride in “Bumpety Bump” is a wheelbarrow ride,
given to a young boy by his grandfather (I also like
it when grandparents appear in children’s stories.)
As they travel around the farm, the wheelbarrow
goes bumpety-bump. I have the children rockĀ 
side to side and repeat, ‘bumpety-bump, bumpety-bump.”

The boy picks a variety of vegetables and fruit, including
potatoes, carrots, beans, and strawberries. All the while
they’re followed by a hen. I have younger children make
the hen’s clucking sound; older children sing the refrain
from “Old MacDonald,” “with a buck-buck here and a
buck-buck there, here a buck, there a buck, everywhere
a buck-buck.”

Young children respond eagerly to this story and always
want to talk about their favorite (or UNfavorite) vegetables!


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