A Tune for Tuesday: “One, Two, Three, Whee!”


“One, Two, Three, Whee!”
by Eric Litwin

from the CD “Smile at Your Neighbor With Mr. Eric”
available on iTunes

It seems like everyone now knows the amazing
story and song of “Pete the Cat,” and it certainly
deserves its popularity. But Eric Litwin, “Pete the
Cat”‘s creator, has written lots of terrific songs
for young children. One of my favorites is “One,
Two, Three, Whee!”

It’s a jazzy tribute to the big-band sound, with
swinging horns and a gotta-dance beat. Aside
from counting to three, children get to jump and
twist and, of, course, “Whee!” (I throw my hands up
enthusiastically for the “Whee!”s.)

In between the verses are free-dance sections.
I find that children love to show me their funny
dances! This song is a guaranteed good-mood-


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