Once Upon a Monday: “Clink Clank Clunk!”


“Clink Clank Clunk!’ by Miriam Aroner

There aren’t enough picture books about cars.
Many young children are fascinated by cars and
other vehicles (certainly as many as are interested
in farm animals), but cars aren’t prominently
featured in most books for young children. “Clink
Clank Clunk!” gives a car its starring role, and
children respond enthusiastically to it.

Rabbit is going for a drive in his old car. As he
picks up more and more of his friends, who all
happen to need rides into town for one reason
or another, more parts of his beat-up car act up,
break, or fall off, making lots of noises as they do.
Children enjoy making the sounds, rumbling, hissing,
popping and pinging. Add the sounds of the
various animal friends and you’ve got a very
noisy (I’d say musical) story. The many opportunities
for children to join in the telling of the story keep them
engaged and focused. And of course the story
itself, with its wild and zany road trip, is very

Not too many stories have the variety of sounds
found in “Clink Clank Clunk!” Just for fun, you
could also add rhythm instruments, letting your
students suggest different instruments to portray
the various car noises in this silly, fun story.


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