A Tune for Tuesday: “Jump!”


“Jump!” by Patty Shukla
available on iTunes
FREE video available on 

We all know about kids and jumping – I’ve often
said that we need to be careful when we turn on
the “jump” button, because it’s so hard to turn it
off! I sometimes wonder – if we never stopped
them, how long would young children continue
to jump?

This song almost answers that question!

There are so many repetitions of the word
“jump” in this song by the very peppy Patty
Shukla that I decided to count (not while I was
jumping, that would be too tiring! I waited until
I could sit and listen). She sings the word “jump”
64 times! That’s a LOT of jumping!

In between the jumping sections are very relaxing,
meditation-paced sections with words like “close 
your eyes, dream of rainbows and butterflies.”
Then back to jumping!

One thing children love almost as much as jumping
itself is the juxtaposition of very fast and very slow 
movement. So this song is a big hit every time.

You might be like me – the first time I listened to 
“Jump!” I found the words (“Jump, jump, jump,
jump, jump, jump” etc.) just a tad monotonous.
But trust me – this song grows on you. And Ms.
Shukla has a super understanding of young
children. They love this song and get a great,
really fun workout!


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