“Little Snowflake”


“Little Snowflake”
by Super Simple Learning
available on iTunes

This song, by Super Simple Learning, is a lovely,
peaceful song. It’s lilting and a bit slow, and the 
words and tune are repetitive and predictable
(of course, these are good things in the world
of early childhood).

It’s sung by a child, which I usually find kind of
annoying since recordings often use phoney-
sounding child singers with trained voices, but 
this one sounds like a “regular little kid” and has
a sweet tone. Each verse has the snowflake
“falling falling falling falling” until it lands on “my
head” or another body part.

Sometimes we sing this song while “snowing”
with our fingers, other times we use “snowflakes”
I’ve made from folded coffee filters. For extra
magic, you can add glitter, although of course
it does tend to get on and into everything, from
the carpet to children’s hair!

“Little Snowflake” is one of the few children’s
songs I know that truly capture the sweetness
and wonder of snow. 


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