“Bear Wants More”


“Bear Wants More”
by Karma Wilson

Karma Wilson is one of those children’s book writers
who’s wonderfully dependable. You know you can’t
go wrong with a Karma Wilson book. “Bear Wants
More” is no exception.

This book is perfect for this time of year, when
hibernating animals are just starting to re-enter the
over-ground world. And of course, they’re hungry
after all those months of not eating!

His friends help Bear find lots of yummy food,
and he eats and eats, but, you guessed it, he
always wants more!

Every rhyming verse in this funny, sweet story
ends with the words “But the bear wants more!”
To musicalize this refrain, I set it to music. I use
my own tune, but “E-I-E-I-O” would work well. A
tune that children can sing along with engages
preschoolers and makes the bok even more fun.

Very rhythmic and fun to listen to, “Bear Wants More”
is also very fitting for early spring.


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