“Ducks Like Rain”


“Ducks Like Rain”
by Raffi
from the CD “Rise And Shine”
available on iTunes 

It’s April, and lots of us are talking about
(and experiencing!) rain with our preschoolers
and kindergarteners. Another popular unit
for this time of year is ducks. Here’s a fun
song that brings both these topics together!

This simple, short song is perfect for children
from toddlers through six. Verses about ducks
liking rain (they like to widdle-waddle in it and so
on) are interspersed with a repeated chorus of
quacking. Seriously, for the chorus the only
word your students need to remember is 

Of course, it’s possible to sing this song while
the group sits in a circle, maybe flapping pretend
wings. But it’s more fun, if you have room, to
let the children waddle all over the room to the
rhythm of the song. You might even have them
take turns being the mama or papa duck, whom
the others can follow in a line, just like little ducks
do. Then you add the locomotor element and allow
the children to work off a little steam, especially
if they’re stuck inside on a real rainy day!


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