“I’m a Little Raindrop”


Here’s a cute activity for a rainy day, or for a unit about
rain, from my book “The Musical Toddler.”

I’m a Little Raindrop (tune: I’m a Little Teapot)

            Young children  are curious about rain, and they enjoy the opportunity to pretend to be a raindrop!

                        I’m a little raindrop in the sky,
                       (Hold arms above head, palms touching, to make a raindrop shape)

                       While I am up here, you’re nice and dry.
                       (On “you’re,” point outward)

                       When the time is right, I get all set,
                       (On “get all set,” wiggle and shake)

                       I fall down and you get wet!
                      (On “down,” bring arms down in a large,

                         heavy movement; on “you,” point outward)

            This song uses the stretching-arms-up movement and adds the challenge of holding palms together. Take a moment to introduce the song and the movement: “We’re going to sing a song about a raindrop. Here’s how we’ll pretend to be raindrops: Lift up your arms” – (do so and give children time to copy you) – “and put your hands together like this (slowly put your palms together).” Some toddlers will be able to do this on the first try. Others may need some practice.

            While singing the song for the first time, pause after “get all set” and say, “Can you get set like me, with a wiggle? Let’s all try wiggling,” and let them try this motion before you move on.

            Emphasize the word “down” and the arms-down motion – this is an easy and very fun movement for toddlers.

            Cognitively, this song reinforces the concepts of up/down and dry/wet. If you sing this song on a rainy day, you can talk about rain, water, and the feeling of getting wet, (and watch the rain fall outside the window) to add to the learning.


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