by Tracey Campbell Pearson

Yes, I know there are farmyards-full of children’s
stories about roosters, and even a subgenre of
books about roosters who, for some reason, can’t
crow. Either they lost their crow in some mysterious
mixup, have a sore throat, were raised by parents 
of another species or just never learned how.

Bob, the title character in Tracey Campbell Pearson’s 
very funny story, belongs to this latter category. Since
he’s lived with only hens and never met a rooster, the
poor guy has no idea what a crow sounds like. Well,
you know what happens – he asks the cat, the dog,
and pretty much every animal he bumps into, if they
can teach him how to crow. Spoiler alert – they can’t.
However, they do teach him their sounds, so at least
Bob builds his vocabulary.

The funniest part comes during the long, dark, scary
night, when an unseen voice keeps asking, “Whooo?”
Whooo?” and each time Bob answers, “Bob.” As you 
can imagine, young children find this uproariously 

Finally, Bob meets another rooster and learns how to
cock-a-doodle-doo. A slightly unexpected ending gives
Bob a chance to use this new talent, as well as the 
other interesting words he’s learned.

Children love to act out the animal sounds in the story,
which I set to a tune for extra fun and engagement. But
it’s the scene with the owl that really tickles children’s
funny bones. You’ll love hearing them laugh at this inspired

“Bob” is available here and on other bookselling sites.


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