“Wake Up, Groundhog!”


Groundhogs… cute or not cute? I say definitely cute. My husband disagrees since many groundhogs built an impressively large complex underneath some bushes in our backyard. We only see an occasional groundhog now, but that’s too much for my husband. I don’t get it. Look at that guy! (The groundhog, not my husband.) Totally cute, right?

So here’s an easy, silly game that children will ask for all the time (by the way, they’ll call it “Wake Up, Grandpa!” no matter how clearly you enunciate or how much you explain about what a groundhog is):

Wake Up Groundhog

 Children should be sitting in a circle, each child holding a shaker. One child is the groundhog, and sits in the middle of the circle, hiding under a small blanket (this represents the groundhog’s hole).

Shake shakers softly to the beat and sing to the tune of “Good Night, Ladies”:

                    Wake up, groundhog.
                    Wake up,groundhog,
                    Wake up, groundhog,
                    It’s Groundhog Day today!

 At the end of the song, everyone shouts, “Wake Up, Groundhog!” and shakes very loudly. Then the groundhog can pop out the blanket!


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