Possibly the Best Song About Geometric Shapes EVER!

Is it truly hip to be square? This amazing song gives one adorable shape’s opinion.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn facts about polygons. Although the ending is indeed rather gruesome and disturbing if you really think about it (my advice: don’t),
the shape is perfectly okay, in fact delighted, with the outcome.

This song was first brought to my attention by my daughter, who teaches middle school math. One day, one of her students happened to think of this song, which they’d learned in fourth or fifth grade. Soon the whole class was reminiscing (we always forget how much children and teenagers love to fondly remember the “good old days”) about the little square, and begged my daughter to find this video and play it for them. She then showed it to me, and I immediately shared it with the only two people I knew who would totally appreciate it (a couple of my numerous sisters). But I know all of you will love it too. Comedy, drama, an insanely catchy tune – what’s not to love?

You’re welcome!




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