“Bailar Rapido” – for children who like to dance faster and faster!


“Bailar Rapido” is from an amazing CD with the Best. Title. Ever. – “Salsa for Kittens and Puppies,” by Baby Loves Salsa. The CD comes with a storybook about a plucky band of animal musicians who celebrate their friend’s birthday by making music all over New York City! The CD and story are just filled with music and joy from beginning to end!

This song is one of my favorite Spanish-language songs to use with young children – even toddlers enjoy it! I tell children that the song gets faster and faster, but that they need to listen so they can dance to the beat of the music – it doesn’t get VERY fast until the end. So children get practice in listening to auditory cues, as well as regulating their movements – and in a very fun way.

“Bailar Rapido” was written by the awesome Jose Conde. Watch the video here. Enjoy!


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