A Very Easy and Funny Spanish Song

duck puppet

A Very Fun and Easy Spanish Song

So you’re looking for a super-easy, SHORT, song in Spanish that will make your 3-6 year old students laugh their heads off? And did I mention it’s easy and short?

It’s “El pato Renato.” (Renato the Duck):

(Translation, approximately: “Renato the duck doesn’t know how to sing, but every day he tries. Quack, quack” and so on.)

Now this song is hilarious as it is, but to make it irresistibly funny for young children, add a duck puppet. (A paper lunch bag with drawn-on eyes and a yellow beak taped on makes a fine one if you don’t happen to have a duck puppet lying around.)

Then, at the end of the song when Renato makes his long, loud, frustrated quaa-a-a-a-ack, lean the puppet’s head back, open his beak wide, and make him shake his head in exasperation.

This is one of those truly sure-fire songs. Children will be laughing like you’re on “SNL” and they’ll be quacking along with Renato LONG after the song is over. Like, the next day. Repeatedly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



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