Two Favorite Spanish/English Stories


Two Fun Spanish/English Stories

I hope you’re reading picture books about different cultures to your class often, and not just on cultural or national holidays. But with Cinco de Mayo coming up, I’m reminded of two of my favorite Spanish/English stories.

“Counting Ovejas” by Sarah Weeks is very simple and suitable for all pre-K age groups. Phrases like “Una oveja blanca, one white sheep” are repeated frequently. I add a mini-“song” such as “Blanca, blanca, blanca, blanca/That means white, that means white (repeated)” to the tune of Frere Jacques.

“De la cabeza a los pies” by Eric Carle is the Spanish translation of “From Head to Toe.” Since most young children are familiar with the English version, they’re excited to tell the teacher what the Spanish words mean! This way they’re not only learning, they’re feeling smart and empowered.  I sing the refrain “Claro, que sí,” (“Of course” – literally “clearly, yes”) to the  tune of the last line of “Wheels on the Bus, “All through the town.”

These stories are fun, easy, beautifully and simply illustrated, and enjoyable for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking children!


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