E. Paul Torrance’s Creative Manifesto

Music (and Science) For Young Children


In 1983, E. Paul Torrance wrote these remarkable words:

Manifesto for Children

  1. Don’t be afraid to fall in love with something & pursue it with intensity.

  2. Know, understand, take pride in, practice, develop, exploit, & enjoy your greatest strengths.

  3. Learn to free yourself from the expectations of others and to walk away from the games they impose on you.

  4. Find a great teacher or mentor who will help you.

  5. Don’t waste energy trying to be well rounded.

  6. Do what you love and can do well.

  7. Learn the skill of interdependence.

Torrance, known as the “Father of Creativity,” was a professor of educational psychology at the University of Georgia for many years. His consuming interest was creativity — how it could be measured, and how educators could help students to develop it. Although his “Manifesto for Children” may be helpful to individuals of all ages who want to increase their creativity…

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