Once Upon a Monday: Bear’s Day Out by Michael Rosen


If you were a bear who lived in a neat cave right on the
beach, you might not be that eager to take a trip to the
city. But that’s what the bear in this story does, lured by
the intriguing sounds of cars and trains. Of course, he 
has many adventures. When he tires of the noise and
retreats to a park bench, some kind children help him
get back home, where they all play on the beach until
they all fall asleep together.

It’s a charming story with pretty illustrations, but what
makes it really special is the lilting, sing-song prose
Rosen uses to tell the tale. I make a song out of the 
repetitive phrases and noises, but chanting would
be equally rhythmic and compelling. “Bear’s Day Out”
is just the kind of story I – and my young students – love.


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