Fun Fun Friday: Silly Car Songs


Long car trips with young children can be a challenge, but
singing silly songs as a family can make the time go by
quickly and provide lasting memories. Here are some
fun songs to try with your kids.

The Nursery Rhyme Family

Substitute the names of family members for famous
nursery rhyme characters. For example: “Jalen had a
little lamb,” “Hickory Dickory Dock, Mommy ran up the
clock,” “Hey diddle diddle, Brianna and the fiddle…”

The Wheels on the Car

Instead of the wheels on the bus, sing about your car
and the people in it. You could sing “The wheels on
the car go round and round,” “The kids in the car go giggle, 
giggle, giggle,” or “The Daddy in the car goes drive, drive,

Silly ABC’s

Sing the ABC song as fast as you can, as slowly as you
can, in a high squeaky voice, in a low elephant voice,
or in any silly way you can think of!

Banana Songs

Make up your own Banana Songs by changing around
some old favorites. How about “If You’re a Banana and
You Know It,” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Banana,” or “Row,
Row, Row Your Banana”? Three-to-five year olds find
these hilarious.

Musical Cats and Dogs

Sing a favorite song in Cat Language (meow meow)
or Dog Language (ruff ruff). Quacking and oinking are
also quite amusing!


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