Words of Wisdom for Wednesday: Maria Montessori


Our aim is not only to make the child
understand, and still less to force him to
memorize, but so to touch his imagination
as to enthuse
 him to his innermost core.
– Maria Montessori

I’m not a Montessori teacher, but I absolutely love this
quote! When was the last time you thought of your aim
as a teacher being so to touch children’s imagination as
to enthuse them “to their innermost core”? Especially
in early childhood, this is what it’s all about! (Not the
Hokey Pokey, as is often assumed.) Information, after
all, is everywhere. Anyone can find information. To be
fulfilled, to have a life of joy and meaning, children need
us to inspire, to delight, to share the wonder of the world
around us. 


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